Blogathon 2008

I knew it, I could tell yesterdays post was a bit cuter. I am in love with my new iPhone. Please pardon me if I send out extra tweets in the next couple of days while I’m out and about. I’ll get over it. Although… I do have unlimited evening and weekend minutes…. today is Saturday, right?

Please go visit Raul, at Hummingbird 604.com. He is participating in Blogathon 2008, in support of the BC Cancer Agency. He asked me to guest post and I was honored. No one has ever asked me to guest blog before. And after reading the AMAZING guest posts he received from other people, I can kinda understand why.

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Happy My Anniversary to You!

Some say, and by some I think it’s probably Hallmark, that the first wedding anniversary is the Paper Anniversary. But in this family, it’s the Electronic Anniversary.

We are sitting on the couch after our fancy dinner at Pinky’s Steakhouse, playing with Wil’s anniversary present. (It’s a PSP, in case you can’t tell) We are still on the waiting list for my present. Should have one by Tuesday. Black. 16GB. Oh yeah, you know what I’m getting.


Since it’s my anniversary, I just want to say, officially, my husband rocks and I loooOOOooove him to pieces.

Happy Anniversary, baby!

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What’s On Jodi’s T-shirt Today?


I saw this shirt a long long time ago. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it immediately. Then I forgot where I saw it until, recently, Dooce talked about hers. I saw it on Threadless.com. And now it is finally mine.

If you know me, you know this shirt is perfect for me. I was so excited. I had to have it shipped to the States, so I sent it to my mom’s house. I told her she could open it up when it got there because it was too funny. When she got it, she said to me that it was “funny because it’s your sense of humor.”

Wil: What did she say?

Me: She said it’s funny because it’s my sense of humor.

Wil: She doesn’t like it.

Me: Not as much as I do, no. This is the equivalent to your “That’s interesting.” when I am telling you a story.

She reminded me that my little vegan brother would probably hate it. As would other vegan and vegetarian friends of mine. Yes, I suppose. But they wouldn’t be surprised by it. The fact is, I’m a carnivore.


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog

Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog” is finally live. Act 1 was released today, and in a a show of awesomeness that one would expect from Joss Whedon, before the day was out it was viewable to the world at large. Not just the US. The fact that things are only viewable in the US drives me nuts. Now. It didn’t bother me at all when I lived in the US because I didn’t know how hard the rest of the world had it!

I’ve learned a lot this past year, haven’t I? Anyway… GO WATCH IT!


iPhone, but do you phone?

Well, there is lots of excitement and anticipation in the air as Apple releases their 3G iPhone on Friday. I don’t even know what 3G is, I just know it’s better. Many Americans and weighing their options, deciding whether or not to upgrade.

Here in Canada, it’s a bit different. First, the iPhone is coming to Canada for this first time. (I know some Canadians already have one, unlocked and working with their provider, but that’s different.) So… that’s exciting. But something is raining on the iPhone parade. Rogers Wireless. That is the service provider for the iPhone, here in Canada.

Traditionally, Canadians have one of the most expensive wireless plans in the world. Notoriously bad. I think that the hope was, as negotiations wore on between Rogers and Apple, the result would be improved rates all around, for everyone. However, a couple of weeks ago, Rogers released the iPhone plan pricing. And all hell broke loose. It sucks, to put it plainly.

The main things that I notice are – required 3 year contract and very limited data plan. Bad. Expensive. Unfair. You can read a more in depth analysis of the problem here. Canadians are in an uproar. Rogers now has a major PR problem. There are rumors that Apple is pissed, and has is diverting some of the shipment to Europe, because they anticipate poor sales. And people are not only planning to boycott the iPhone through Rogers, but they’ve started petitions as well.

I’ve been going back and forth about the iPhone. I want one. I really really really really want one. However, I don’t need one. And the plan upsets me. I’m on some kind of waiting list at a Roger’s outlet. But I honestly do not know what to do. I don’t think the rates are fair (do American cell phone companies charge a monthly $6.95 access fee? Or does this just seem outrageous to me?). And , when it boils right down to it, I don’t need to be spending money on such things.

But I want one. I really really really want one. Which side will win out? Hedonism or Practicality? You know me, what do you think?

Time will tell.

PS I really want one.

EDIT TO ADD. What I forgot to mention is, as bad as the Canadian plan is, Australia’s is actually worse. Where exactly does The Man live? Because I think we need to stick it to him on this.


Dancing 2008

Oh how I love the Dancing Matt videos. Watching this repeatedly is so much more fun than cleaning house, which is what I am supposed to be doing today.

I’ve already seen this on a number of blogs. Most likely, you have too. However, if you have not, enjoy!

Or go here and watch it in High Quality. It looks prettier that way. You can also watch it, and the past dancing videos on the “Where the Hell is Matt?” website.

I don’t dance. Or, I don’t dance in places where dancing is expected. Clubs, weddings, parties and the like. Too much pressure. This video proves what I have always believed, dancing is better in places, and times, where it’s least expected


I’m an American, not an American’t

Happy 4th of July, USA. I miss you. Later, I will wear my US Flag 4th of July boxers to bed in celebration. Also, I might eat some apple pie.

Raul had an interesting post this morning about our (Americans) tendency to refer to ourselves as Americans, when there are so many more Americans out there. Technically, it’s a continent, so Canadians and Mexicans are also Americans.

This is not meant as a rebuttal. This is simply a different perspective. Since I’ve moved here, and spoken with more Canadians, I’ve realized this is a slightly sore spot. And I totally get it. I have a tendency to say, now, that I am “from the States” instead of “American” so as not to offend. However, inevitably, someone will say “oh, you are from ALL THE STATES? That’s AMAZING.” Which drives me nuts, cuz I’m trying to be all sensitive and shit. I’m working from your outlook here, kid, so cut me some slack.

Ok, so we are all Americans. But, really, we are all NORTH Americans. There are actually massive amounts of Americans to the south of us as well, let’s not forget. This is flaw número uno in the “Let’s All be Americans,” plan. Flaw numéro deux is our fault, the USA’s.

Fact is, we are the only ones who actually use the world “America” in our name. And by doing so, we sorta stuck our flag in it, didn’t we? I apologize for bogarting it. Nonetheless, do not begrudge us our BEness. That is to say, I am from the United States, but American is what I am. (Also I am North American) I don’t know why we took the name, but we did. People from Canada get to be Canadians. People from Mexico get to be Mexican. Unfortunately, we did not choose to say were are United States of Americans. Too long, I suppose. USAsians just sounds dumb, and could be confused with “Asian” which someone is already using. But we should have the same ability to say what we are, in addition to where we are from, right?

Listen, my fellow North American friends who are not from the US, saying your American is sort of a mixed bag, too. When someone says they are Canadian, people say “Oh I love Canada! You guys are so nice and polite. Thank you for all the fine comedians. And natural resources!”

When someone says they are Mexican… ok, I just realized saying you are Mexican to someone in the US is also a mixed bag. Most people would say “Oh Mexico, so beautiful, and I went down there on vacation just last year. Loved it! By the way, thank you for the cuisine. So delicious. Seriously. Love it!”

But then others would just look at you suspiciously and ask to see your green card. And that, right there, kids, is the reason telling the rest of the world you are American can you get you trouble. So, really, you don’t need the hassle. Leave the potential hostility to those who worked hard to earn it. The US.

That being said, for all your flaws, I love you United States of America*! Happy Independence Day!

*Even the 51% of you who are responsible for keeping Bush in office 4 more years. What’s done is done, let’s move on.

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Vancouver and WordPress sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Today, I had a major breakthrough regarding my understanding of THE WAYS THINGS WORK with Movable Type 4. Finally. I was so elated that I not only sent a tweet out about it, I had to bug Wil at work about it as well. That’s just the best feeling, isn’t it? Figuring something out. There is a huge lightbulb over my head right now.

So, there is a large and active blogging community, here in Vancouver. If a community existed, like this, in Seattle, I did not know about it. Which is a shame. I “met” some of them at Northern Voice: 2008. And by met, I mean I saw their name tags or heard them speak. I only met two people: Airdre whom I’d know from her blog, and Catherine.. But I added a lot of the people I saw to my RSS feeds. And I’ve gotten to know few more bloggers by association.

So, as an outsider looking in to that community, I can tell you – Vancouver area bloggers LOVE the WordPress. They hold regular gatherings they call WordCamps. This is awesome. Raul, who follows me on Twitter and comments on my blog, is speaking at the upcoming WordCamp on the 16th. He’s watched the regular tweets of despair I have sent out, while struggling with MT4. And he, like a few others, are of the opinion that I should consider moving over to WordPress. And I’ve thought about me. But… you know how I feel about it. I’m a Movable Type girl.

Raul has challenged me to come to the next WordCamp, and if I don’t switch over to WP, he will buy me a coffee. I might do it. But he’ll need to buy me a Dr Pepper, because I don’t drink coffee. I don’t think it will make me switch. I am extremely stubborn and can be quite tenacious about things. And I’ve set my mind to figuring out MT4. I wonder if he gets a free toaster for every convert he brings over to the WP side? Do you think they are going to be testimonials? I’m not worried, the Southern Baptists didn’t git me in Oklahoma, WP won’t git me here.

I kid. I’m jealous, actually. I ask you, are there no other Movable Type bloggers in Vancouver? Where is our clubhouse? Why don’t we have t-shirts and secret handshakes?

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I’ll buy running shoes. We’ll take up yoga or jogging. You know, we’ll be organized. Pay our bills, floss our teeth. We won’t set fire to the apartment anymore. I’ll buy a goldfish, and we’ll be like normal people.

For the last few weeks, I have been attending a Restorative Yoga class, once a week, with Airdre. And, I have to confess, I’m not very good at it. (Although my teachers say, every week that this is yoga practice, not yoga perfect.) I can only imagine how delightful this class must be for people with busy, stressful, lives.

You would think that someone as inherently lazy as I am would be aces* at a class of relaxing in different positions with pillows and blankets. At regulated breathing and quieting the mind. Wrong! I am an incredibly twitchy person, it seems. And my mind? Here we are, supposed to be concentrating on something we want more of in our lives, such as love or heath or some such shit, and all I can think about is taking over Russia with Wil when he gets home from work! Thinking about warfare, even fake warfare, when you are supposed to be breathing peace is just wrong. Or I write blog posts. It would sadden you to know that my most brilliant blog posts exist only in my mind during yoga, or when I am trying to fall asleep, never to make it out onto page. Seriously… GENIUS stuff.

I try to wrangle my brain back in. I try to concentrate on my breathing. I try saying a word, in my mind, when I breath in, and another when I breath out. I try to make them positive words, but they usually end up being “cheeeeeeeese burgeeeerrrrrrr.” The millisecond I stop focusing, which is often, I am backing to thinking about anything but relaxing. Last week was particularly difficult as I had had a bad headache that day, so I had taken a couple of excedrin. And I had also had a big gulp of Dr Pepper, which is unusual these days. I was over caffeinated and buzzing like a bumblebee. And I kept thinking about swimming. And bunnies. Bunnies… hopping happy bunnies bunnies BUNNIES I love bunnies need more bunnies in my life HOP HOP HOP omigod bunnies are AWESOME. Whoosh! And food and food, mmmm… cheese burgers.. steak I LIKE MEAT! And ick, I need to clean the house. I hate cleaning house. In what order should I clean the rooms? Start in the kitchen and go in circle until I end the living room? Maybe I should go the opposite way for once, except … all those dirty dishes. Forget it, let’s think about war instead. Russia is going down. Oh it’s on, Catherine the Great.

Let’s face it, I’m a mental AND physical spaz. But I keep practicing. The first day I was back after the flu, I was still terribly congested. I brought in a box of kleenix and a plastic bag to put my used tissues in, as I didn’t go more than 5 mins without blowing my nose or coughing up a piece of my lung. It’s very quiet and dark and relaxed in yoga, and one of the teachers came over and asked if she could do some energy work on me, which I said was fine. Airdre later told me she is a reiki master. That is just about the sweetest thing ever. Whether or not your are into energy work, to have someone come over to you and work their healing craft on you.. the sincere intention that you feel better is beneficial in of itself.

*You know what I am truly aces at? Procrastination. I could go pro in procrastination. I wish there was a procrastination olympics, except I’d probably miss the sign up.