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Vancouver and WordPress sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Today, I had a major breakthrough regarding my understanding of THE WAYS THINGS WORK with Movable Type 4. Finally. I was so elated that I not only sent a tweet out about it, I had to bug Wil at work about it as well. That’s just the best feeling, isn’t it? Figuring something out. There is a huge lightbulb over my head right now.

So, there is a large and active blogging community, here in Vancouver. If a community existed, like this, in Seattle, I did not know about it. Which is a shame. I “met” some of them at Northern Voice: 2008. And by met, I mean I saw their name tags or heard them speak. I only met two people: Airdre whom I’d know from her blog, and Catherine.. But I added a lot of the people I saw to my RSS feeds. And I’ve gotten to know few more bloggers by association.

So, as an outsider looking in to that community, I can tell you – Vancouver area bloggers LOVE the WordPress. They hold regular gatherings they call WordCamps. This is awesome. Raul, who follows me on Twitter and comments on my blog, is speaking at the upcoming WordCamp on the 16th. He’s watched the regular tweets of despair I have sent out, while struggling with MT4. And he, like a few others, are of the opinion that I should consider moving over to WordPress. And I’ve thought about me. But… you know how I feel about it. I’m a Movable Type girl.

Raul has challenged me to come to the next WordCamp, and if I don’t switch over to WP, he will buy me a coffee. I might do it. But he’ll need to buy me a Dr Pepper, because I don’t drink coffee. I don’t think it will make me switch. I am extremely stubborn and can be quite tenacious about things. And I’ve set my mind to figuring out MT4. I wonder if he gets a free toaster for every convert he brings over to the WP side? Do you think they are going to be testimonials? I’m not worried, the Southern Baptists didn’t git me in Oklahoma, WP won’t git me here.

I kid. I’m jealous, actually. I ask you, are there no other Movable Type bloggers in Vancouver? Where is our clubhouse? Why don’t we have t-shirts and secret handshakes?

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