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What’s On Jodi’s T-shirt Today?


I saw this shirt a long long time ago. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it immediately. Then I forgot where I saw it until, recently, Dooce talked about hers. I saw it on And now it is finally mine.

If you know me, you know this shirt is perfect for me. I was so excited. I had to have it shipped to the States, so I sent it to my mom’s house. I told her she could open it up when it got there because it was too funny. When she got it, she said to me that it was “funny because it’s your sense of humor.”

Wil: What did she say?

Me: She said it’s funny because it’s my sense of humor.

Wil: She doesn’t like it.

Me: Not as much as I do, no. This is the equivalent to your “That’s interesting.” when I am telling you a story.

She reminded me that my little vegan brother would probably hate it. As would other vegan and vegetarian friends of mine. Yes, I suppose. But they wouldn’t be surprised by it. The fact is, I’m a carnivore.