Blogathon 2008

I knew it, I could tell yesterdays post was a bit cuter. I am in love with my new iPhone. Please pardon me if I send out extra tweets in the next couple of days while I’m out and about. I’ll get over it. Although… I do have unlimited evening and weekend minutes…. today is Saturday, right?

Please go visit Raul, at Hummingbird 604.com. He is participating in Blogathon 2008, in support of the BC Cancer Agency. He asked me to guest post and I was honored. No one has ever asked me to guest blog before. And after reading the AMAZING guest posts he received from other people, I can kinda understand why.


One thought on “Blogathon 2008

  1. Jodi,
    I asked you to guest post because I love your writing and because (even though we haven’t hung out a lot), I consider you a friend. As you can see, I asked friends of mine to contribute, and it was a fantastic experience, and I thank you for contributing the post and for being part of this experience along with me.
    Many hugs,

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