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First review for Satan’s Bookclub is up!


My first book review is up at Satan’s Bookclub. I’ve reviewed Frank Portman’s YA novel Andromeda Klein, a book I thoroughly enjoyed. But that’s not what Satan’s Bookclub is about, is it? It’s more important to recognize how potentially evil a book is, rather than the quality of story and writing. You becha!

Bit rusty at the reviews. I only published two the first time SBC was up. But I attempted a few more. I’m looking forward to honing my skills.


2 thoughts on “First review for Satan’s Bookclub is up!

  1. Do Canadians(or a good portion of them) really say “eh”? (I say “aye?” a lot)
    Have never watched “House” and probably never will because I’ll always be hopelessly behind–definitely feel like I am being left out of something good, though, when I hear or read other people going on about this show.

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